Exclusive Launch

March 5, 2016


Woolston Manor Golf & Country Club, Chigwell, Essex 1G7 6BX

I am so pleased to announce at the launch of Ask Albie we raised an amazing £32,187.35 ( we still need to add gift aid which will add quite a bit more to this). The launch couldn't have happened without the team behind it. Albie is a very happy little boy a very special person (Bobbie Johnson) bid on a ball for our son and spent £1201, - I am so overwhelmed and can not thank you enough!! I would like to thank everyone involved with the charity, the companies who helped make the launch happen, all the sponsors and attendees and everyone who follows our journey and a very big THANK YOU to all the people donating. Together as a team, we are creating happiness to children and their families creating memories they can cherish forever. More photos to follow shortly.P.s Details on next years annual auction will be released shortly. If you are interested in attending please email hello@askalbie.org.uk. 

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