Amber Regan

New iPad to help with her vision

"Amber was born with a lack of oxygen to her brain.  She was stillborn and had to be resuscitated. She had two blood transfusions in the first ten minutes and was rushed to another hospital for further treatment.

The first 72 hours we were told, through further tests, that she wouldn't survive and, if she did, she would be in a vegatative state, non of her organs would work and her life expectancy if she survived would be 10 months.

We were told the best thing for Amber was to turn her life support machine off as she'd have no quality of life. So we did on day 5.  Amber kicked into life! 

Forward to the current day and doctors are always surprised when they meet Amber, as the paper shows she shouldn't be here.

However, Amber comes with complications. She has Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, vision and hearing loss, is non-mobile and non-verbal.   Amber is a happy little girl who loves being social. She loves being around people, noise, bright lights and adores sensory rooms.

This iPad will help Amber's vision improve.   She can listen to different sounds and, hopefully, be able to reach to make choices on her own about what she wants to see and hear.

We really do appreciate your support in helping Amber to try and achieve her goals."

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