Annabelle & Megan

New Garden Grass

My friend got me in contact with Ask Albie. I have two daughters with disabilities. Both girls are totally different, Megan my eldest is 16 years old and has cerebral palsy, she is life-threatening, at 10 days old she had major brain surgery to save her life, she was born with hydrocephalus water of the brain and had to have a VP shunt inserted in her brain. As time went on she started to have seizures and then was diagnosed with complex epilepsy, and cerebral palsy this put her back with her development, she never did walk and is in a wheelchair. She is now 16 years and is doing really well, still on a lot of medication, yes it is hard, but she is such a character and a joy and beautiful young lady.


Years on I had Annabelle, she is 5 years old and is Megan's little sister. I notice Annabelle wasn't developing properly, no eye contact, not doing the normal things of a child that age, I also have a 13-year daughter who is fine, so I had the comparison. I was right Annabelle was diagnosed with severe autism at 2 and a half. I was devastated, couldn't believe I had another daughter with needs. As time has gone on Annabelle has been more challenging, she is non-verbal and still, in pads, she has meltdowns and doesn't sleep much. She is a strong character like her sisters, she is loving and beautiful, yes it's all very hard, but I love my children immensely


Life was getting stressful for both girls out in the garden, especially Annabelle she would put dirt and grass in her mouth and weeds, we had to cut down the trees and plants because she would climb over the fences and end up in next door gardens. I needed to make our garden safe place for both girls, we put high new fences up, but still had a problem with the grass and mud, we couldn't push the wheelchair through the mud it would get stuck. I did some thinking and my friend got me in touch with Ask Albie.

We now have beautiful Astro turf artificial grass for the girls. This has made life so much easier for us. Annabelle can go out in the garden now, no putting weeds and grass in her mouth and it's easier for her to run about if she falls she doesn't get hurt. Megan can go out and self-propel herself in her wheelchair and gives her that freedom to enjoy the garden.


I cannot thank you enough to Ask Albie for making this wish come true for my girls.

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