Princess For A Day

Little Freya 3 was granted her wish to be a princess.  On Monday, Freya had her 18th operation.  Freya has a neuropathic bladder leading to various catheters being needed, but failing consistently due to infections and blockages.   Alongside this Freya has had ongoing bowel and digestive issues which has meant she has needed to have an ileostomy.  Neither Freya's bladder nor bowel work, and solely relies on medication, tubes and bags to help her do something so normal which you and I take for granted. Treatment and the future are still unclear for Freya and they do still have a long road ahead, but still she continues to smile and battle on through.

Albie waved his wand and brought a little Disney magic to Freya. First stop was the Rainforest Cafe (which was planned for Freya's birthday but, due to her being unwell, this was cancelled) Freya had lunch with her family and the magnificent Rainforest animals. She also experienced the tropical showers, cascading waterfalls and periodic thunderstorms. The Rainforest Cafe definitely put a smile of Freya's little face! 

Next stop was the amazing Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique at Harrods, where Freya's wish was waiting for her.  With the help of their own fairy godmother who guided Freya through her magical journey to becoming a princess. 

Thank you to everyone involved today I think Freya will have a very good night's sleep dreaming of the princess she has become.

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