George PVL

Special Therasuit outfit

My name is George and if I could talk I would say….

I was born 7 weeks earlier than I should have been at 33 weeks.  My mummy’s waters broke at 29 weeks and so we had to go in and out of hospital a lot to be monitored and looked after.  When I was born I was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 3 weeks, I wasn’t very well and had lots of medicines and tests.

When I was about 6 months old mummy and daddy realised that I wasn’t developing as quickly as I should be.  I couldn’t sit up and when I got a bit older I couldn’t move, crawl or pull myself up like other babies can.  I had an MRI scan when I was 1 and it showed I had a brain injury called Pereventricular Leucomalacia (PVL), this has caused developmental delays, sight problems, problems with my mobility and cerebral palsy in my legs.

I have a team of people who look after me, my Paediatric Consultants, Physiotherapist, Speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, Ophthalmologist and Dietician.  

Working with my physio,  I have made some great improvements, my head control is really good and I can roll brilliantly! I can also sit up for 30 seconds by myself.  I have equipment to help me, a special chair, a tot stander to practice standing in and a bath seat, I really love my bathtime now.

Mummy and daddy and my family want me to have special spider therapy which is a special therasuit outfit that I can wear with bungee cords attached to a cage that looks like a spider web. This would help me to stay upright and works all my muscles really well.  The suit was originally developed for spacemen!   The treatment costs a lot of money but mummy and daddy hope I could have a block of sessions when my second birthday comes in July.  Lots of children who have had this therapy are able to stand up on their own or even walk!

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