Maddison Webb

Birthday Party at Build a Bear

In Dec 2011 Maddison became unwell and, at first, the GP thought it was a virus. However, on Jan 28th 2012, after attending Basildon Hospital for a blood test, she was transferred to Great Ormond Street Hospital and diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia TCELL. With 40% blasts showing after 28 days of treatment, she was classed as high risk and they even thought a transplant would be the only way for her. However, Maddison had other ideas and the next Bone marrow aspiration test showed 9% blasts, so they decided to treat her and not go down the transplant road at that time, but made us fully aware that if she ever relapsed she would need a bone marrow transplant. 

Maddison then reached the end of her treatment in June 2014. she had a rough time in treatment and suffered alot, very badly with mucositis and ended up as an inpatient every time she was ill with it. During treatment, she became very shy and her speech stopped and, even now, she has speech problems but now she is more vocal.

Everything was going great off treatment; she was doing really well, started school in September 2014 and loves it. She made some great friends but, then in Nov 2015, just 1 week away from being 18 months clear off treatment she relapsed. Within a week of numerous blood tests, it was decided they needed to complete a bone marrow aspiration test to be sure, and this came back again at 40% blasts and she was admitted straight into Great Ormond Street Hospital. 

She then went through 4 months of chemotherapy and total body radiotherapy to get her ready for the transplant which took place on 31st March 2016 from a cord donor. She also suffered from shingles and GVHD following her transplant. However, after all that, Great Ormond Street Hospital were very happy with her progress and she was allowed home at the end of May 2016. 


Ask Albie was only too pleased to grant this special birthday treat for Maddison. The Build a Bear toy shop was exclusively reserved for Maddison and her friends. They stepped into a world of wonder, where fun fills the air, and the noise of everyday life fades away. They spent a day with Barbara, our wish expert, creating magical bears ranging from My Little Pony to The Turtles. After all the fun at The Build A Bear toy shop, Maddison and her friends/ and family enjoyed a nice Birthday Dinner. 


Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of Maddison and her friends on this special day. 

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