Oliver Barker

New iPad & Gym Mats

"Hi, I was told about Ask Albie by a friend who was granted a wish, and can I just say what a wonderful thing you are doing. I hope one day I will be able to give something back, just as you are doing.


I am writing with regard to my son Oliver who is 18 months old. He sustained a brain injury at birth due to a very traumatic delivery. He was starved of oxygen and then received full pulmonary resuscitation for 50 minutes. He is diagnosed as HIE grade 3. A diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy is expected. He has Global Developmental Delay, and he is not crawling, standing or walking.   Also, he cannot swallow, and so Is 100% tube fed.


We have not approached any charities for donations or help, but I am finding it increasingly worrying thinking about all the equipment and therapies that we need to give Oliver the best chance. We are currently trying all the therapies that he can tolerate. It is all very expensive : Any help at all would be so appreciated.


I don't know which one specific thing to request as there is so much we currently need, but if there was something you felt you could help with, that would be amazing.  We have recently turned our dining room into a therapy/playroom for Oliver and his older brother Edward (4). As the NHS is so limited with what they are providing, the equipment we are currently looking at is:

   a padded gym mat to cover the floor as we have hard floors so would be better for Oliver's floor work. 

   Also, he really needs a Physio bench, or maybe a kindle/iPad for us to use about the house - Oliver is very stimulated by CBeebies and particularly loves Twirlywoos.  We currently use the phones to play episodes on numerous car journeys to therapy sessions."

We granted Oliver's wish of an iPad and gym mats in October 2016.

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